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How many hours may be sleeping a domestic cat? In fact, a cat rests much of the day, so it is important that you have accessories for cats designed for comfort and relaxation. And certainly in our online pet store you will find a huge assortment of products from cat beds to sofas or blankets designed with the sole purpose of that is at ease.

The cat bed

First thing to consider before purchasing a cat bed. Measure your pet from the snout to the base of the tail and add between 15 and 20 cm. This must be the length of the cat litter. In the catalog you have available in our pet shop sure going to find the desired in many models size, since all the major brands in the market, for example Rogz or Scruffs have that data into account, and you concoct each their beds in different dimensions.

And only that, but we can find cat beds to place on the floor or in one of the most beloved places by the cats of our house: the windowsills. In fact, that feeling comfortable in plush or lambskin his bed and watch from above the street is one of the great pleasures in life of domestic cats.

Actually, it is the feeling of being in a high and privileged position that they love. Why or Trixie Ferplast brands as well as having the most typical formats bed of square, rectangular or round base, also they have other models organized on different floors, evoking what would be a tree. So the animal has a high point where rest and another covered area, something like a cave for cats , that is, his lair and the place where you feel fully protected, and where he keeps his most beloved toys as their balls or stuffed animals for cats.

Actually, the bed is for our cat place of rest and play, and we as owners also can you give that funny twist as there are attractive real models as brand Zolux that look like huge slippers that the cat becomes in his lair.

Plastic beds for cats

Another option as a resting place our pet beds are plastic. As in the above are objects of different sizes so we can find the right fit for our animal. And once you have this bed plastic cats and only cover the blanket is more conducive and comfortable.

This is an interesting option because the cat blankets are all washable. However, I must say that the beds generally are also washable, and even have reversible cushions in different models available in our pet store.

Hammocks cat

Yes. A hammock for the cat . If we humans and relate the word hammock with the idea of ​​all, a pleasant and relaxing luxurious touch for cats is the same. A real treat. It is true that the feline hammocks different from ours, but there are several models of Trixie very similar to our idea of a swinging hammock between palm trees on a Caribbean beach.

However, the vast majority of cats hammocks are mainly hanging accessories to place radiators, another favorite places of domestic cats. Take a look at our catalog and give joy to your animal. The various specialized brands such as Freedog, Karlie Flamingo or Arquivet have numerous models of hammocks to place on the radiator.

There are also other hammocks to be placed permanently on the wall or hanging from the windowsill. Thus it becomes the preferred area of ​​our pet, which now only lacks a good scraper cat to be like her little amusement park. So there are several types of hammock incorporating the scraper.

Igloos cats

The name of igloos is because in many cases the shape resembles those Eskimos buildings, but really to our animal work more like caves for cats. Warm shelter to lie down to rest and warm in the coldest days.

Also this type of elements can be found in different forms. From those who seem a tent to others that are true cat houses. And there are not only soft materials such as foam, whitecaps and chenille. There are also more rigid structures wicker models but are equally comfortable, and end up looking like a sofa for cats.

Any of these models can act as baskets cat and are extremely practical to take them as during a trip, so that the animal has for your favorite holiday haunt.

Cats bags

That same possibility of easy transport brings us the bags for cats . An accessory that is both space for rest of the animal, because it has a warm and comfortable interior, but also becomes a toy in itself. It's like a small tunnel for cats, which both like, and even some of these bags are equipped with a paper surface crunch that encourages them to play.

In short, the bags, hammocks, certain beds or cat caves are desirable objects for any feline. There rest, play, heat, monitor and until they can be transported during the holidays.

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